I Musici & Sergei Yerokhin, a legendary tour during the summer of 2021

December 2020

Sergei Yerokhin will join the historic Roman group I Musici this summer to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its founding.

The event will be celebrated with a tour that will visit the main national festivals and the bigger European city capitals during the months of July and August of 2021.

Sergei will add his extraordinary talent to the piano to the renowned Italian chamber orchestra which, with an astonishing career, celebrates 70 years on stages around the world in top form. The objective is none other than to make the public enjoy an absolutely irresistible program, in which there will be no lack of two of the most famous concerts by J. S. Bach and The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, a piece that is always associated with I Musici.

Very soon we will publish the first dates and locations of this essential event for music lovers.